Hopin: A Guide to Using the Virtual Conference Software

The following is a guide to the BHC Annual Meeting online.

All attendees need to register to attend the virtual event. 

Register here https://hopin.com/events/bhc-2021-annual-meetingCreate your profile on Hopin so that attendees can see you. All presenters will be set up as ‘speakers’ and will appear below the schedule on the event site: https://hopin.com/events/bhc-2021-annual-meeting

The schedule of the event will be available in Hopin and on the BHC website: https://thebhc.org/current-program

There is a sandbox session where participants can try out their audio, video, and screen sharing at any point during the conference. This session appears at the top of the schedule on the Hopin site.

Use Chrome or Firefox to attend the event on Hopin. There is only one event platform, we will all meet on Hopin.

Detailed instructions are available for presenters, session chairs, and attendees:

How to network on Hopin

How to see the online showcase, create a booth, and participate on the BHCs online showcase

Live sessions and stages: instructions for presenters, chairs, and attendees

Social media

The #BHC2021online will go live on Twitter. Communicate, make questions, create threads, and tag us @TheBHCNews or #BHC2021online

Code of conduct

We recommend that presenters, chairs, and discussants connect to their sessions 10 minutes previous to the starting time. There will be backstage support throughout the duration of the meeting, but moderators and chairs will be in charge of collecting questions from the audience.

We invite attendees to have separate discussions on other venues like WhatsApp and Twitter using the conference’s hashtag #BHC2021online. Comments on social media are encouraged, however, we ask to refrain from attacking others or posting offensive or defamatory comments about a presenter or a presentation.

The recordings of the sessions will be available for a week after the event. We ask that no other device is used to record the presentations and that presenters are requested for material such as slides or accurate references of their presentation rather than taking pictures of live presentations. 

To avoid distractions, please use the networking tool during the designated times and not while concurrent session are live.

The BHC has sent vendors’ and sponsors’ information to members and participants. Any commercial communication from vendors should be limited to those BHC-led messages.