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Exploratory Research Grants

These grants support one-week visits by scholars who believe that their project will benefit from Hagley research collections, but need the opportunity to explore them on-site to determine if a Henry Belin du Pont research grant application is warranted. Priority will be given to junior scholars with innovative projects that seek to expand on existing scholarship. Proposals must demonstrate which Hagley collections might be pertinent to the project.

Call for Papers:

Josh Lauer (University of New Hampshire) and Kenneth Lipartito (Florida International University) recently wrote for the The Washington Post's Made by History section. Read the article Modern capitalism is inseparable from surveillance here.


Inquire Capitalism’s Research in Progress Luncheon

Call for applications Dissertation Colloquium 2022 Mexico City [Venue is still undecided]



Fellowships and Travel Grants from the Smithsonian’s Lemelson Center

The Myth of the Perfect Pregnancy: A History of Miscarriage in America