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TOC of issue 64-4 2022

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Monetary unions in history

a financial history conference

The Business History Conference offers extensive support to emerging (or early-career) scholars, including a doctoral colloquium, a mentoring program, and, crucially, a much-loved free breakfast at the BHC. But when, exactly, do you emerge? And what happens after that?   That’s what I hope to illuminate with this series of interviews with emerging scholars on their state of mind, the state of the field, and everything in between.

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The Digital Strategy Project of the Business History Conference seeks to review the organization's current digital practices and digital communications to establish a plan for the future that corresponds with its members’ expectations and other strategies in practice by similar scholarly groups. 

Hong Kong Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences

Chinese Business History Webinar

Market Maoists: The Communist Origins of China’s Capitalist Ascent