TOC of Business History Issue 65 - 2 -- Special Issue, Brokers of the wealthy

Business History Volume 65, Issue 2 is now available. It is a Special issue: "Brokers of the wealthy (Transnational business associations)", edited by Pierre Eichenberger, Neil Rollings, and Janick Marina Schaufelbuehl. 

The list below also includes the book reviews published in the issue. Full online TOC here

Ballor, G. (2023) ‘Liberalisation or protectionism for the single market? European automakers and Japanese competition, 1985–1999’, Business History, 65(2), pp. 302–328. Available at:

[book review] Diana Kelly's The Red Taylorist: the life and times of Walter Nicholas Polakov, reviewed by Bernardo Bátiz-Lazo. Business History, 65(2), pp. 391–392. Available at:

David, T. and Eichenberger, P. (2023) ‘’A world parliament of business’? The International Chamber of Commerce and its presidents in the twentieth century’, Business History, 65(2), pp. 260–283. Available at:

Eichenberger, P., Rollings, N. and Schaufelbuehl, J.M. (2023) ‘The brokers of globalization: Towards a history of business associations in the international arena’, Business History, 65(2), pp. 217–234. Available at:

Iberg, L. (2023) ‘Fighting for a neoliberal Europe: Swiss business associations and the UNICE, 1970–1978’, Business History, 65(2), pp. 366–381. Available at:

[book review] Emily Erikson's Trade and nation: how companies and politics reshaped economic thought, reviewed by William Pettigre, Business History, 65(2), pp. 395–396. Available at:

Pitteloud, S. (2023) ‘Let’s coordinate! The reinforcement of a “liberal bastion” within European Industrial Federations, 1978-1987’, Business History, 65(2), pp. 345–365. Available at:

[book review] Edmond Smith's Merchants: The Community That Shaped England’s Trade and Empire, reviewed by Alka Rama, Business History, 65(2), pp. 393–394. Available at:

Rollings, N. (2023) ‘The development of transnational business associations during the twentieth century’, Business History, 65(2), pp. 235–259. Available at:

Schaufelbuehl, J.M. (2023) ‘Becoming the advocate for US-based multinationals: The United States Council of the International Chamber of Commerce, 1945–1974’, Business History, 65(2), pp. 284–301. Available at:

Sluga, G. (2023) ‘Business transnationalism, looking from the outside in’, Business History, 65(2), pp. 382–388. Available at:

[book review] Stephen R Wenn and Robert Barney, The Gold in the Rings: The People and Events That Transformed the Olympic Games, reviewed by Kevin Tennent, Business History, 65(2), pp. 389–390. Available at:

Waterhouse, B.C. (2023) ‘The Business Roundtable and the politics of U.S. manufacturing decline in the global 1970s’, Business History, 65(2), pp. 329–344. Available at: