Recent podcast episodes of interest to business historians

The following podcast episodes have been recently published. Please submit your information to the web editor if a show of your preference is not on the list. 


Who Makes Cents?

Christy Thornton on Mexico, Development, and Governing the Global Economy

Special Episode on The Military and the Market

Peoples & Things

New Books in Economic and Business History 


Business Pills

We introduce the business world encapsulated in episodes where we talk with entrepreneurs, managers, and leaders (Heavyweights segment) and outstanding students (High Performance/Alto Rendimiento segment) about the challenges, successes and failures of their career. Based on economic and business history, we also prepare episodes on changes, transformations, and development trends in Latin American countries (Chronicles/Crónicas segment).

We are a team of 25 university students from Peru and Colombia led by our co-founder, Professor Beatriz Rodriguez-Satizabal (Universidad del Pacífico and Universidad de los Andes), advised by professors José Manuel Carrasco and Luan Sánchez (Universidad del Pacífico) and by video editor and digital animator Mariano Manta.   

Listen to our episodes to learn directly from its protagonists what it means to be part of the business community in emerging countries (Instagram: @bpillspodcast)

Hagley History Hangout

Yuppies: Wall Street & the Remaking of New York

History Hangout: Conversation with Dylan Gottlieb

Black Powder, White Lace: The DuPont Irish & Cultural Identity in 19th Century America

History Hangout: Conversation with Margaret Mulrooney

New Books Network en español