Articles TOC of the latest issue of Enterprise & Society 23-1

Enterprise & Society 23-1

BARNES, V., NEWTON, L., & SCOTT, P. (2022). A “Quiet Victory”: National Provincial, Gibson Hall, and the Switch from Comprehensive Redevelopment to Urban Preservation in 1960s London. Enterprise & Society, 23(1), 33-67. doi:10.1017/eso.2020.35

BOYD, K. (2022). A “Body of Business Makers”: The Detroit Housewives League, Black Women Entrepreneurs, and the Rise of Detroit’s African American Business Community. Enterprise & Society, 23(1), 164-205. doi:10.1017/eso.2020.39

CORTADA, J. (2022). Viewing Corporations as Information Ecosystems: The Case of IBM, 1914–1980s. Enterprise & Society, 23(1), 99-132. doi:10.1017/eso.2020.37

LAMBERTY, J., & NEVERS, J. (2022). The Entrepreneurial State in Action: The Danish Robotics Cluster and the Role of the Public Sector. Enterprise & Society, 23(1), 68-98. doi:10.1017/eso.2020.36

LÉCUYER, C. (2022). Driving Semiconductor Innovation: Moore’s Law at Fairchild and Intel. Enterprise & Society, 23(1), 133-163. doi:10.1017/eso.2020.38

MARX, E., & MUURLINK, O. (2022). Cyclonic Change: How Tracy Shaped Australian Loss Adjusters’ Break from Britain. Enterprise & Society, 23(1), 1-32. doi:10.1017/eso.2020.34

MIRANDA, J., & ROLDÁN, A. (2022). A Resilient Industry? Business Strategies in the Footwear Industry of Southern Europe, 1970–2007. Enterprise & Society, 23(1), 206-238. doi:10.1017/eso.2020.40

THAI, P. (2022). A Risky Business: The Tai Ping Insurance Company and Fire Insurance in China, 1928–1937. Enterprise & Society, 23(1), 239-276. doi:10.1017/eso.2020.47