Business History´s latest issue Volume 64, Issue 1 (2022)

Access Business History´s latest issue Volume 64, Issue 1 (2022). See PDF.

Business History is an international journal concerned with the long-run evolution and contemporary operation of business systems and enterprises. Its primary purpose is to make available the findings of advanced research, empirical and conceptual, into matters of global significance, such as corporate organization and growth, multinational enterprise, business efficiency, entrepreneurship, technological change, finance, marketing, human resource management, professionalization, and business culture.

The journal publishes eight issues a year and welcomes proposals for Special Issues. Business History is currently looking to widen its periodization beyond the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, its scope to include research about Latin America, Asia, and Africa. Part of its purpose is to engage with the business and management agendas, welcoming articles on entrepreneurship, competitive advantage, and corporate governance. Read more about the journal´s agenda here.

Business History is proud to show continuous improvement in its academic reputation with an increase in downloads (over 210,000 full-text downloads in 2021), a more diverse authorship provenance, and ranking higher in different impact factor indicators (Article impact score (SJR) of 0.863 in 2020 and Impact factor (IF) of 1.816 in 2021). 

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