Recent podcast episodes of interest to business historians

History Hangout: Conversation with James McElroy

Racial Segmentation & Market Segregation: The Late-Twentieth-Century History of the American City Supermarket, 1960-1990


History Hangout: Conversation with Eric S. Hintz

American Independent Inventors In An Era of Corporate R&D


Inquire Capitalism Podcast

Dr. Amanda Ciafone on her research on The Coca-Cola Company in Colombia and India


Planet Money

Moonshot in the arm. An inside look at how the government and pharmaceutical companies joined forces to make it happen.


Planet Money

Of boats and boxes. We take a trip to ports on the east and west coasts to ask what's on everyone's mind: why are they so clogged? And how can we fix it?


Todo comenzó ayer

Nuria Rodríguez Martín. La publicidad y el nacimiento de la sociedad de consumo


New Books Network en español

Luis Anaya Merchant. Luis Montes de Oca (1894-1958). El renovador, el hacendista el banquero y la familia revolucionaria


New Books Network

Rocio Gomez. Silver Veins, Dusty Lungs. Mining, Water, and Public Health in Zacatecas, 1835-1946