Important deadlines have changed for BHC 2022 events

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Dear BHC participants,

The Program Committee has received a good number of submissions. However, because we continue to face considerable uncertainty about future travel restrictions and university travel budgets, we will postpone the submission deadline until November 1st to give members additional time to submit a proposal.


The BHC recognizes that current conditions may make it more difficult than usual to put together complete panels. Given this, the Program Committee encourages you to submit panel proposals even if they are not complete. We encourage the submission of individual paper proposals as well. Please note that you can let us know your current preference for paper presentation modality on the submission web page. If conditions warrant, we will make alternative arrangements on an as-needed basis.


Finally, the members of the Program Committee would like to urge BHC members—if at all possible—to participate in this year’s program. After two years of weathering Covid conditions, we are eager to get the conference back on track to maintain BHC’s reputation as a place where exciting scholarly discussions are held and as a place where all scholars, including early-career researchers as well as graduate students, are welcomed. 

For more information, you can visit the BHC 2022 website

If you have any queries or additional comments, please contact us by email: 


CFA Krooss Prize

The new submissions deadline is November 15th. Please check:

CFA Doctoral Colloquium

The new submissions deadline is December 10th. Please check: