Virtual Talk by Carlos Marichal (El Colegio de México)

Virtual Talk, “The Emergence of Banks in Latin America, 1850-1873: Was There a Financial Revolution or Something Else?”

by Carlos Marichal (El Colegio de México) 


On Monday, June 28, 2021, at 11 am EST, Carlos Marichal (El Colegio de México) will give the second keynote talk of the Financial History Network, with the paper “The Emergence of Banks in Latin America, 1850-1873: Was There a Financial Revolution or Something Else?.” You can register for the session here. The abstract is on the website and below:

We offer a pioneering and general overview of how banks first developed in various important Latin American nations in the mid-19th century with emphasis on the larger domestic banks, which forged close ties with local governments.  This interpretation runs counter to the traditional views on the origins of banking in this region, the most common misconception being that in this era British banks dominated Latin American finances and faced little competition from domestic banks. In fact, we argue that the situation was much more complex. We focus on early banking in four country cases: Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Cuba.  The main argument put forward is that while there were particular reasons for the birth of banking in each of these countries, including specific political, economic, and social circumstances, there are certain parallels that are worthwhile exploring in regards to the comparative history of the special roles of the largest banks in each country and their ties to the respective government. Hence this essay is, in a sense, an exercise in historical political economy on the origins of Latin American banking.

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