BHC Members' Books in the News

The April 12, 2010, issue of The Chronicle Review discusses Beauty Shop Politics: African American Women's Activism and the Beauty Industry, by Tiffany Gill of the University of Texas, Austin. As the reviewers comment:

Again and again in Beauty Shop Politics, the reader is reminded that the hairdressing profession gave women the security to pursue political activity. . . . Gill takes her subject matter from antebellum to contemporary times and considers it through multiple lenses. The scope of the material and interdisciplinary scholarship evident throughout the book makes Beauty Shop Politics a comprehensive addition to the bookshelves of women's studies, African-American studies, and entrepreneurial studies, as well as to history, business, and political-science departments. It is a truly interdisciplinary endeavor.

The full article is available only through personal or library subscription.

Update: An interview with Professor Gill discussing her research at an early stage in 2004 is available on the University of Texas, Austin, website.

Crisis Economics: A Crash Course in the Future of Finance, by Nouriel Roubini and BHC member Stephen Mihm of the University of Georgia, is reviewed in the "Books of the Times" section of the May 7 New York Times. An excerpt from the book is provided.