Newcomen Prize

From 1992 through 1999, the Newcomen Society of the United States began sponsoring an award for the best paper presented at the annual meeting of the Business History Conference. The winner received a plaque and $1,000. From 1992 through 1999, the Newcomen Prize–winning paper was published in Business and Economic History. Beginning in 2001, the prize was awarded for an an Enterprise & Society article published in the previous year. 





Newcomen Award

2008 Newcomen Prize Recipient

Per H. Hansen
Professor in the Department of Management, Politics, and Philosophy, Copenhagen Business School
"Organizational Culture and Organizational Change: The Transformation of Savings Banks in Denmark, 1965-1990," Enterprise & Society (December 2007) [View PDF]

2007 Newcomen Prize Recipient

Dario Gaggio
University of Michigan
"Pyramids of Trust: Social Embeddedness and Political Culture in Two Italian Gold Jewelry Districts," Enterprise & Society (March 2006) [View PDF]

2006 Newcomen Prize Recipient

Tony Webster
University of Northumbria
"An Early Global Business in a Colonial Context: The Strategies, Management, and Failure of John Palmer and Company of Calcutta, 1780-1830," Enterprise & Society (March 2005) [View PDF]

2005 Newcomen Prize Recipient

Emanuela Scarpellini
Full Professor, University of Milan, Italy
"Shopping American-Style: The Arrival of the Supermarket in Postwar Italy," Enterprise & Society (December 2004) [View PDF]

2004 Newcomen Prize Recipient

John Smail
University of North Carolina, Charlotte
"The Culture of Credit in Eighteenth-Century Commerce: The English Textile Industry," Enterprise & Society (June 2003) [View PDF]

2003 Newcomen Prize Recipient

Morris L. Bian
Auburn University
"The Sino-Japanese War and the Formation of the State Enterprise System in China: A Case Study of the Dadukou Iron and Steel Works, 1938-1945," Enterprise & Society (March 2002) [View PDF]

Honorable Mention:

Jeffrey Hornstein, Executive Director, Economy League of Greater Philadelphia
"'Rosie the Realtor' and the Re-Gendering of Real Estate Brokerage, 1930-1960," Enterprise & Society (June 2002) [View PDF]

2002 Newcomen Prize Recipient

"Women in the Underground Business of Eighteenth-Century Lyon," Enterprise & Society (March 2001) [View PDF]

2001 Newcomen Prize Recipient

Jonathan Zeitlin
University of Amsterdam
"Reconciling Automation and Flexibility? Technology and Production in the Postwar British Motor Vehicle Industry," Enterprise & Society (March 2000) [View PDF]

1999 Newcomen Prize Recipient

Kevin S. Reilly
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
"Dilettantes at the Gate: Fortune Magazine and the Cultural Politics of Business Journalism in the 1930s," Business and Economic History (Winter 1999) [View PDF]

1998 Newcomen Prize Recipient

Sean Patrick Adams
Professor, University of Florida
"Different Charters, Different Paths: Corporations and Coal in Antebellum Pennsylvania and Virginia," Different Charters, Different Paths: Corporations and Coal in Antebellum Pennsylvania and Virginia (Fall 1998) [View PDF]

1997 Newcomen Prize Recipient

William Tsutsui
University of Kansas
"Rethinking the Paternalist Paradigm in Japanese Industrial Management," Business and Economic History (Winter 1997) [View PDF]

1996 Newcomen Prize Recipient

William Mass
University of Massachusetts-Lowell
Andrew Robertson
Harvard University
"From Textiles to Automobiles: Mechanical and Organizational Innovation in the Toyoda Enterprises, 1895-1933," Business and Economic History (Winter 1996) [View PDF]

1995 Newcomen Prize Recipient

Kenneth Lipartito
Florida International University
"Culture and the Practice of Business History," Business and Economic History (Winter 1995) [View PDF]

1994 Newcomen Prize Recipient

Paul A. Gompers
University of Chicago
"The Rise and Fall of Venture Capital," Business and Economic History (Winter 1994) [View PDF]

1993 Newcomen Prize Recipient

Steven Usselman
Georgia Tech
"IBM and Its Imitators: Organizational Capabilities and the Emergence of the International Computer Industry," Business and Economic History (Winter 1993) [View PDF]

1992 Newcomen Prize Recipient

Sally Clarke
University of Texas at Austin (retired)
"'Innovation' in U.S. Agriculture: A Role for New Deal Regulation," Business & Economic History (Winter 1992) [View PDF]