Doctoral Colloquium 2020: Charlotte, NC [held remotely]


Due to COVID-19, the 2020 BHC Doctoral Colloquium in Business History was held remotely on June 8-9



Colloquium Participants


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Samuel Backer

Johns Hopkins University

"Entertaining America: The Political Economy of Popular Culture, 1870-1920 "

Noah Bender

University of California, Berkeley

"European Shipping Companies and the World Migration Industry, 1870-1960 "

John D'Amico

Yale University

"What was a merchant house in Tokugawa Japan? The case of the Nakai Genzaemon "

Clint Hough

Florida International University

"A Propensity to Truck, Barter, and Exchange: Florida Indian Traders "

James McElroy

University of Minnesota

"Racial Segmentation and Market Segregation: The Late-Twentieth Century History of the American City Supermarket, 1960-1990 "

Joshua Morrison

University of Virginia

"Nineteenth-century American Commerce in the Indian Ocean "

Ellen Nye

Yale University

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Misty Kay Peñuelas

University of Oklahoma

"To Draw a Warrant for the Same: The Rise and Fall of the Cherokee Fiscal-Monetary State in the Long Nineteenth Century "

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Melanie Sheehan

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

"International Labor Federations and the Politics of Global Economic Transformation, 1944-1995 "

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Kwelina Thompson

Cornell University


Edward Balleisen

Duke University

Gustavo Del Angel

Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas (CIDE)

Christina Lubinski

Copenhagen Business School and University of Southern California

Susie J. Pak

St. John's University

Neil Rollings

University of Glasgow

Student Liaison

Jacqueline Brandon

Princeton University