Doctoral Colloquium 2015: Miami, Florida

Colloquium Participants


Stephanie Decker

Aston Business School

Margaret B.W. Graham

McGill University

Per H. Hansen

Copenhagen Business School


"What Are They Going to Do to Us Now: Fear and Uncertainty at the End of Bretton Woods "

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Jasper Bittner

University of Oxford

"The Evolution of the German Bankruptcy Regime 1830-1877 "

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Michael Castelle

University of Chicago

"Making Markets Durable: Transaction Processing in Finance and Commerce "

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Erik Moss Erlandson

University of Virginia

"Redesigning the State: Federal Courts and the Emergence of a Deregulatory Bureaucracy "

Valeria Giacomin

Copenhagen Business School

"The Evolution of the Palm Oil Industry in Malaysia and Indonesia in the 20th Century "

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Emily Katherine Gibson

Georgia Institute of Technology

"Domesticating the Air/Domesticating the World: Feminism, Modernity, and the Rise of Commercial Aviation, 1920-1970 "

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Koji Hirata

Stanford University

"Steel Metropolis: Industrial Enterprise, Urban Space, and Social Identity in Northeast China, 1909-1997 "

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Brenden Kennedy

University of Florida

"The Yazoo Land Sales: Slavery, Speculation, and Capitalism in the Early American Republic "

Lauren Klaffke

University of Minnesota

"Medicating the Corporate Soul: Employee Relations, Public Relations, and Philanthropy in the Pharmaceutical Industry, 1930-1980 "

Jessica Ann Levy

Johns Hopkins University

"From Black Power to Black Empowerment: Transnational Capital and Racial Integration in the United States and South Africa, 1969-2010 "

Sabine Pitteloud

Université de Genève

"Multinationals-Territory-Work in Switzerland (1970-2010): The History of a Turning Point? "

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Jonathan Quann

Princeton University

"Sinking Leviathan: Global Shipping and the Growth of the American State, 1870-1920 "

Student Liaison

Ishva Minefee

College of Business, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign