Doctoral Colloquium 2013: Columbus, Ohio

Colloquium Participants
Participant Affiliation at Time of Colloquium Paper
Michael Aldous

Avoiding 'Negligency and Confusion'? Re-evaluating the Role of the Partnership in Nineteenth-Century British Trading Firms in India

Malin Dahlström

University of Gothenburg

    Malin Dahlström is a doctor in economic history at the University of Gothenburg. She is in a group of cartel researchers and she is investigating international cartels in the cement industry. She defended her dissertation, "Competition, cooperation and concentration. The Limestone and Cement Industry in Sweden: 1871-1982," in 2015. She is working primarily with archival material from the different companies involved in the industries. She is also comparing the development of the cement industry in different contexts. 

The Limestone and Cement Industry in Sweden: A Study about Concentration, Rationalization and Cooperation in Two Industries, 1890-1975

Elbra David

University of California-Irvine

Legal Pluralism and Mercantile Authority in the Integration in the Nineteenth-Century Atlantic

Austin Dean

Ohio State University

A Coin for China? Making Money and Modernity in the Late Qing Dynasty, 1870-1912

Edward Fertik

Yale University

Industrialization as Globalization: Iron and Steel between Germany, Brazil, and the United States

Ai Hisano

University of Delaware

A History of Food Color in the United States, 1880s-1970s

Sylvea Hollis

University of Iowa

'What are you worth?' Race and the Multiple Meanings of Risk in the Jim Crow Era, 1887-1945

John Lapidus

University of Gothenburg

Why Such a Permissive Attitude towards Monopolistic Associations? Social Democracy up to the First Swedish Law on Cartels in 1925

Malcolm Purinton

Northeastern University

Imperialism in a Bottle: How the Pilsner Lager Became the Imperial Beer

Ellan Spero

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    I study the ways that people envision human progress, through the institutions, built environments, and narratives that they create.

Crafting a 'Technological Education': Academic-Industrial Laboratories and the 'Innovation Society'

Student Liaison
Participant Affiliation at Time of Colloquium
Joseph Arena

Participant Affiliation at Time of Colloquium
Mansel G. Blackford

Ohio State University

    Mansel G. Blackford; B.A., Stanford University, 1966; M.A., University of Washington, 1967; Ph.D., University of California at Berkeley, 1972.

Jennifer Delton

Skidmore College

Margaret Levenstein

University of Michigan

Andrew Popp

University of Liverpool

    I am Professor of History in the Department of Management, Politics, Philosophy at Copenhagen Business School. As an historian I focus on the relationship between business and society. Currently I am interested in the relationships between business, emotions, and the everyday. Often, but not always, I explore those relationships in the contexts of family business and entrepreneurship.