Doctoral Colloquium 2008, Sacramento, California

Colloquium Participants


"'Behind the Executive Mask': T-groups and the Rise of Corporate Sensitivity Training, 1947-73 "

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Andrew Bozanic

University of Delaware

"The Acoustic Guitar in American Culture, 1880-1980 "

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Elizabeth Cafer du Plessis

University of Indiana

"Meatless Days and Sleepless Nights: Food, Agriculture, and Environment in World War I America "

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Xavier Duran

London School of Economics

"Was the First Transcontinental Railroad Expected To Be Profitable? Evidence from Entrepreneur Declarations, an Empirical Entry Decision Model and Ex-Post Information "

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Lindsey Feitz

University of Kansas

"Democratizing Beauty: Avon Cosmetics and the Transnational Marketing of Femininity, 1954-2008 "

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Joshua Salzmann

University of Illinois-Chicago

"Safe Harbor: Chicago's Waterfront and the Political Economy of the Built Environment, 1847-1918 "

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Corinna Schlombs

University of Pennsylvania

"International History of Computing: Trans-Atlantic Transfer of Technology and Culture in the Cold War Era "

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Natascha van der Zwan

New School for Social Research

"Contentious Capital: The Politics of Pension Investment in the United States and Germany, 1974-2003 "

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Damon Yarnell

University of Pennsylvania

"Making the Motor City: Ford, Detroit, and the Politics of Mass Production, 1908-1929 "


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W. Bernard Carlson

University of Virginia

William J. Hausman

College of William and Mary

Kenneth Lipartito

Florida International University

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Francesca Polese

Bocconi University

Mark H. Rose

Florida Atlantic University

Student Liaison

Eric S. Hintz

University of Pennsylvania