Doctoral Colloquium 2007, Cleveland, Ohio

Colloquium Participants


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W. Bernard Carlson

University of Virginia

Pamela Laird

University of Colorado-Denver

Richard Sylla

Stern School of Business, New York University

JoAnne Yates

Sloan School, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


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Paula Gajewski

Vanderbilt University

"Financial Regulation, the New York Stock Exchange, and the Transformation of Retirement in America "

Eric S. Hintz

University of Pennsylvania

"The Post-Heroic Generation: American Independent Inventors, 1900-1950 "

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Stephanie Holyfield

University of Delaware

"Friendly Interest: The Corporate Culture and Development of Welfare Work at Joseph Bancroft & Sons Company, 1885-1965 "

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Christopher Jones

University of Pennsylvania

"Energy Landscapes: Coal Canals, Oil Pipelines, Electricity Transmission Wires in the Mid-Atlantic, 1820-1930 "

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Josh MacFadyen

University of Guelph

"Fashioning Flax: Industry, Region, and Work in North American Fibre and Linseed Oil, 1850-1930 "

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Noam Maggor

Harvard University

"Politics of Property: Urban Democracy in the Age of Capital, Boston, 1965-1900 "

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Kevin D. Tennent

London School of Economics

"Owned, Monitored, but Not Always Controlled: Understanding the Success and Failure of Scottish Free-Standing Companies, 1862-1910 "

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Maki Umemura

London School of Economics

"Unrealised Potential: Japan's Post-War Pharmaceutical Industry, 1945-2005 "

Benjamin Waterhouse

Harvard University

"A Lobby for Capital: Organized Business and the Pursuit of Pro-Market Politics, 1967-1986 "

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Michael Weisel

Duke University

"Charles Schwab and the Steel Navy: The Political Economy of Big Steel and the U. S. Navy 1885-1915 "