Designing Collaborative Research Projects in Global Business History

Workshop: Designing Collaborative Research Projects in Global Business History, 1:00pm - 4:00pm 

3rd Ward

In Collaborative Project Courses, student learning is driven by collaborative research, analysis, and communication on applied projects that extend across an entire semester.

Collaborative Project Courses help students grasp the relevance of their work while also demanding rigorous study and original research, sometimes alongside engagement with a community of practice. When done well, this approach creates a dynamic learning environment and inspires students to take greater ownership of the learning process.

At Duke, we’re developing a framework for supporting faculty in the design of these collaborative inquiry courses. Although our most structured program for course development spans several months, this workshop will  bring the highlights to Business History Conference participants.  For the purposes of this workshop, we will structure work around the development of a semester-long collaborative research project within a course on global business history.

Participants in the workshop will generate project ideas through an initial series of ideation sessions. Throughout the workshop, participants can also expect activities and discussion designed to address many of the opportunities and challenges involved in collaborative projects, including:

  • Project design and scoping
  • Working across disciplines and departments
  • Designing project milestones and deliverables
  • Creating and managing student teams
  • Mentoring students to be effective team members
  • Assessing, presenting and/or sharing projects and outcomes