Committee Service

Grants and Prizes Committee

The Grants and Prizes Committee appoints members to the specific prize committees: Herman E. Krooss Prize for Best Dissertation in Business History, K. Austin Kerr Prize, Philip Scranton Best Article Prize, Mira Wilkins Prize, CEBC Halloran Prize in the History of Corporate Responsibility, Martha Moore Trescott Prize, and Ralph Gomory Prize. It also recommends recipients of the Lifetime Achievement Award. In these lists, the year always refers to the meeting year; terms begin and end at the annual meeting.

Grants and Prizes Committee
2023 to 2026
Mark Wilson
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Chair 2024 to 2025
Grants and Prizes Committee
2022 to 2025
Pamela Laird
Department of History, University of Colorado Denver
Chair 2023 to 2024
Grants and Prizes Committee
2021 to 2024
Adoracion Alvaro-Moya
Associate Professor of Economic History, CUNEF University (Spain)
Chair 2022 to 2023