Books of Interest 2012

Richard Adelstein, The Rise of Planning in Industrial America, 1865-1914 (Routledge, March 2012)

Anna Bálint, Clariant Clareant: The Beginnings of a Specialty Chemicals Company (University of Chicago Press, for Campus Verlag, July 2012)

Patrizia Battilani and Harm G. Schröter, eds., The Cooperative Business Movement, 1950 to the Present (Cambridge University Press, August 2012)

Robert J. Bennett, Local Business Voice: The History of Chambers of Commerce in Britain, Ireland, and Revolutionary America, 1760-2011 (Oxford University Press, January 2012)

Hartmut Berghoff, Philip Scranton, and Uwe Spiekermann, eds., The Rise of Marketing and Market Research (Palgrave Macmillan, October 2012)

Mansel G. Blackford, Making Seafood Sustainable: American Experiences in Global Perspective (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2012)

Regina Lee Blaszczyk, The Color Revolution (MIT Press, August 2012)

Victor Bulmer-Thomas, The Economic History of the Caribbean since the Napoleonic Wars (Cambridge University Press, October 2012)

Angus Burgin, The Great Persuasion: Reinventing Free Markets since the Depression (Harvard University Press, October 2012)
    Reviewed by Nick Witham for Reviews in History
    Reviewed by Ross B. Emmett for EH.Net

Albert J. Churella, The Pennsylvania Railroad, Volume 1: Building an Empire, 1846-1917 (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2012)
    Reviewed by Tomas Nonnenmacher for EH.Net

Eric Jay Dolin, When America First Met China: An Exotic History of Tea, Drugs, and Money in the Age of Sail (W. W. Norton, September 2012)
    Reviewed by John Haddad for Common-Place

Christopher Dyer, A Country Merchant, 1495-1520: Trading and Farming at the End of the Middle Ages (Oxford University Press, July 2012)
    Reviewed by Justin Colson for Reviews in History

Melissa S. Fisher, Wall Street Women (Duke University Press, 2012)

Caroline Frank, Objectifying China, Imagining America: Chinese Commodities in Early America (University of Chicago Press, January 2012)
    Reviewed by Jennifer Marshall for H-Empire

Mark Freeman, Robin Pearson, and James Taylor, Shareholder Democracies? Corporate Governance in Britain and Ireland before 1850 (University of Chicago Press, January 2012)
    Reviewed by Eric Hilt for EH.Net
    Reviewed by James B. McSwain for Reviews in History

Aileen Fyfe, Steam-Powered Knowledge: William Chambers and the Business of Publishing, 1820-1860 (University of Chicago Press, February 2012)
    Reviewed by Iain Watts for Reviews in History

Kenneth D. Garbade, Birth of a Market: The U.S. Treasury Securities Market from the Great War to the Great Depression (MIT Press, January 2012)
    Reviewed by Franklin Noll for EH.Net

Jon Gertner, The Idea Factory: Bell Labs and the Great Age of American Innovation (Penguin, March 2012)

Michele Gillespie, Katharine and R. J. Reynolds: Partners of Fortune in the Making of the New South (University of Georgia Press, October 2012)
    Reviewed by Deanna Gillespie for H-SAWH

Jessica Goldberg, Institutions and Geographies of Trade in the Medieval Mediterranean: The Business World of the Maghribi Traders (Cambridge University Press, October 2012)

Carolyn M. Goldstein, Creating Consumers: Home Economists in Twentieth-Century America (University of North Carolina Press, May 2012)

Jack Goody, Metals, Culture and Capitalism: An Essay on the Origins of the Modern World (Cambridge University Press, December 2012)

Regina Grafe, Distant Tyranny: Markets, Power, and Backwardness in Spain, 1650-1800 (Princeton University Press, 2012)
    Reviewed by Mauricio Drelichman for EH.Net

Sheryllynne Haggerty, "Merely for Money"? Business Culture in the British Atlantic, 1750-1815 (Liverpool University Press, September 2012)
    Reviewed by Abigail Swingen for H-Albion
    Reviewed by Natalie A. Zacek for H-Atlantic
    Reviewed by Julian Hoppit for EH.Net

Gelina Harlaftis, Stig Tenold, and Jesús Valdaliso, eds., The World's Key Industry: History and Economics of International Shipping (Palgrave Macmillan, May 2012)

Richard Harris, Building a Market: The Rise of the Home Improvement Industry, 1914-1960 (University of Chicago Press, August 2012)
    Reviewed by Kenneth Snowden for EH.Net

Laura Warren Hill and Julia Rabig, eds., The Business of Black Power: Community Development, Capitalism, and Corporate Responsibility in Postwar America (University of Rochester Press, June 2012)
    Reviewed by Shennette Garrett-Scott for H-Business

David Hochfelder, The Telegraph in America, 1832-1920 (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2012)
    Reviewed by Alex Nalbach for EH.Net

Janet Hunter and Penelope Francks, The Historical Consumer: Consumption and Everyday Life in Japan, 1850-2000 (Palgrave Macmillan, January 2012)

Harold James, Krupp: A History of Legendary German Firm (Princeton University Press, March 2012)
    Reviewed by Timothy Guinnane for EH.Net

John Jentz and Richard Schneirov, Chicago in the Age of Capital: Class, Politics, and Democracy during the Civil War and Reconstruction (University of Illinois Press, April 2012)
    Reviewed by Angela Riotto for H-War

Ralph Jessen and Lydia Langer, eds., Transformations of Retailing in Europe after 1945 (Ashgate, September 2012)

Richard R. John, ed., The American Postal Network, 1792-1914 (Pickering & Chatto, January 2012)

Geoffrey Jones and Walter Friedman, eds., The Rise of the Modern Firm (Edward Elgar, February 2012)

Drew Keeling, The Business of Transatlantic Migration between Europe and the United States, 1900-1914 (Chronos Verlag, 2012)
    Reviewed by Richard Sicotte for EH.Net

Rebecca Kobrin, ed., Chosen Capital: The Jewish Encounter with American Capitalism (Rutgers University Press, July 2012)
    Reviewed by Barry Chiswick for H-Judaic

Paul A. C. Koistinen, State of War: The Political Economy of American Warfare, 1945-2011 (University Press of Kansas, September 2012)

William Lazonick and David Teece, eds., Management Innovation: Essays in the Spirit of Alfred D. Chandler, Jr. (Oxford University Press, Spring 2012)

Jonathan Levy, Freaks of Fortune: The Emerging World of Capitalism and Risk in America (Harvard University Press, October 2012)

Juliette Levy, The Making of a Market: Credit, Henequen, and Notaries in Yucatán, 1850-1900 (Penn State University Press, September 2012)

Jan Logemann, ed., The Development of Consumer Credit in Global Perspective: Business, Regulation, and Culture (Palgrave Macmillan, July 2012)

Jan L. Logemann, Trams or Tailfins? Public and Private Prosperity in Postwar West Germany and the United States (University of Chicago Press, November 2012)
    Reviewed by Karen A. Kopecky for EH.Net

Thomas K. McCraw, The Founders and Finance: How Hamilton, Gallatin, and Other Immigrants Forged a New Economy (Harvard University Press, October 2012)
    Reviewed by W. Elliott Brownlee for EH.Net
    Reviewed by Daniel Clinkman for Reviews in History
    Reviewed by Gordon S. Wood for The New Republic
Reviewed by Woody Holton for Common-Place

Robyn S. Metcalfe, Meat, Commerce and the City: The London Food Market, 1800-1855 (Pickering & Chatto, April 2012)
    Reviewed by Richard Perrin for EH.Net

Michael B. Miller, Europe and the Maritime World: A Twentieth-Century History (Cambridge University Press, August 2012)
    Reviewed by Richard Sicotte for EH.Net

Larry Neal, "I Am Not the Master of Events": The Speculations of John Law and Lord Londonderry in the Mississippi and South Sea Bubbles (Yale University Press, January 2012)

Sean Nixon, Hard Sell: Advertising, Affluence and Transatlantic Relations, c1951-69 (Manchester University Press, May 2013)
    Reviewed by Peter Gurney for Reviews in History

David Parrott, The Business of War: Military Enterprise and Military Revolution in Early Modern Europe (Cambridge University Press, April 2012)
    Reviewed by Jamie L. H. Goodall for EH.Net
    Reviewed by Neil Younger for Reviews in History

Kim Phillips-Fein and Julian E. Zelizer, eds., What's Good for Business: Business and American Politics since World War II (Oxford University Press, April 2012)

Andrew Popp, Entrepreneurial Families: Business, Marriage and Life in the Early Nineteenth Century (Pickering and Chatto, 2012)
    Reviewed by Christina Lubinski for EH.Net
    Reviewed by James Taylor for Reviews in History

Jonathan Rees, Industrialization and the Transformation of American Life: A Brief Introduction (M.E. Sharpe, September 2012)

Alasdair Roberts, America's First Great Depression: Economic Crisis and Political Disorder after the Panic of 1837 (Cornell University Press, April 2012)
    Reviewed by Peter L. Rousseau for EH.Net

Pål Thonstad Sandvik, Multinationals, Subsidiaries and National Business Systems: The Nickel Industry and Falconbridge Nikkelverk (Pickering and Chatto, February 2012)

Michael Schiltz, The Money Doctors from Japan: Finance, Imperialism, and the Building of the Yen Bloc, 1895-1937 (Harvard University Press, August 2012)

Luciano Segreto, et al., eds., European Business and Brand Building (Peter Lang, 2012)

Amy Stanley, Selling Women: Prostitution, Markets, and the Household in Early Modern Japan (University of California Press, June 2012)

Alessandro Stanziani, Rules of Exchange: French Capitalism in Comparative Perspective, Eighteenth to Early Twentieth Centuries (Cambridge University Press, February 2012)
    Reviewed by Jeff Horn for H-France

Inger L. Stole, Advertising at War: Business, Consumers, and Government in the 1940s (University of Illinois Press, November 2012)

Yasuko Suzuki, Japan-Netherlands Trade, 1600-1800: The Dutch East India Company and Beyond (Trans-Pacific Press, April 2012)

Timothy D. Taylor, The Sounds of Capitalism: Advertising, Music, and the Conquest of Culture (University of Chicago Press, July 2012)

Leslie Tomory, Progressive Enlightenment: The Origins of the Gaslight Industry, 1780-1820 (MIT Press, March 2012)
    Reviewed by Peter M. Jones for EH.Net

Maki Umemura and Rika Fujioka, eds., Comparative Responses to Globalization: Experiences of British and Japanese Enterprises (Palgrave Macmillan, December 2012)

Liana Vardi, The Physiocrats and the World of the Enlightenment (Cambridge University Press, March 2012)
    Reviewed by Steven Pressman for EH.Net

Jane Whittle and Elizabeth Griffiths, Consumption and Gender in the Early Seventeenth-Century Household: The World of Alice Le Strange (Oxford University Press, May 2012)
    Reviewed by William Farrell for Reviews in History

Gordon M. Winder, The American Reaper: Harvesting Networks and Technology, 1830-1910 (Ashgate, April 2012)
    Reviewed by Mark Finlay for EH.Net

Michael Zakim and Gary J. Kornblith, eds., Capitalism Takes Command: The Social Transformation of Nineteenth-Century America (University of Chicago Press, February 2012)
    Reviewed by Corey Goettsch for H-SHEAR