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The Business History Conference Collective Bibliography
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Casson, Catherine, and Mark Dodgson. "Designing for Innovation: Cooperation and Competition in English Cotton, Silk, and Pottery Firms, 1750–1860." Business History Review 93, no. 2 (2019): 247-273.
Del Carpio Gallegos, Javier Fernando, Francesc Miralles, and Alejandro Erasmo Loli Pineda. "Relationship between market and institutional networks and technological innovation: an analysis of peruvian manufacturing firms." AD-minister 38 (2021-07-19).
Sans-Ponseti, Cristina, and Paloma Fernández-Pérez. "Innovation and entrepreneurship in Catalan private laboratories: origins and rise of Grifols Lab (1880-1955)." Journal of Evolutionary Studies in Business 6, no. 1 (2021/01/11): 114-155.