Annual Meeting Photos

Andrea Lluch, Presidential Address

Andrea Lluch, Presidential Address

Manuel Bautista, Atiba Pertilla, and Christy Chapin


Teresa da Silva Lopes and Andrea Lluch, Presidential Address

Christy Chapin, Carlos Marichal, Andrea Lluch, Alberto Gómez Alcala (Citibanamex), Graciela Márquez and Gustavo del Ángel

Christy Chapin, Carlos Marichal, Andrea Lluch, Alberto Gómez Alcala (Citibanamex), Graciela Márquez and Gustavo del Ángel

2022 BHC Doctoral Colloquium

Colleagues at Banco de México, México City.

Araceli Almaraz and José Galindo, II Latinamerican Workshop 2022, coords.

Araceli Almaraz and Bernardo Batiz-Lazo

Graciela Márquez, principal INEGI, Valparaiso Museum, CityBanamex.

Carlos Marichal, Valparaiso Museum at CityBanamex, México City.

Templo Mayor Museum visit.

John Lithgow, Teresa da Silva Lopes, and others enjoying son Jarocho show

Dr. Ashton Merck presenting her dissertation 'The Fox Guarding the Henhouse: Coregulation and Consumer Protection in Food Safety, 1946-2002' (Ph.D. History, Duke University) during the Krooss Plenary

Dr. Peter Labuza presenting 'When a Handshake Meant Something: Lawyers, Deal-Making, and the Emergence of a New Hollywood' (Ph.D. Cinema and Media Studies, University of Southern California) during the Krooss Plenary

Dr. Joshua Hollands presenting 'Work and Sexuality in the Sunbelt: Homophobic Workplace Discrimination in the US South and Southwest, 1970 to the Present' (Ph.D. History, University College London) at the Krooss Plenary

Dr. Dylan Gottlieb presenting 'Yuppies: Young Urban Professions and the Making of Postindustrial New York' (Ph.D. History, Princeton University) during the Krooss Plenary

Dr. Mary Bridges presenting 'Branching Out: Banking, Credit, and the Globalizing US Economy, 1900s-1930s' (Ph.D. History, Vanderbilt University) at the Krooss Plenary

Panel on Individualized Risk, with Caley Horan, Elizabeth Tandy Shermer, Rachel Bunker, Shane Hamilton, Allison Schwartz, and Benjamin Wiggins

Panel on Competition, Cartels, and Monopolies

Business Families in Mexico: Succession and Business Continuity, Virtual session. By Araceli Almaraz

Mandy Cooper "zooms" into the BHC from Durham

Ashton Merck and Mandy Cooper watching Friday morning's panels remotely from Durham

"The Piketty Effect" session, with Jonathan Coopersmith, Ken Lipartito, and Richard John

Coffee Break with Social Distancing (photo by Mark Wilson)

Book Auction with Gloves to Avoid Viral Infection (photo by Mark Wilson)

Andrea Schneider pays tribute to Chris Kobrak at the reception in his honor

Women in Business History lunch

Teresa da Silva Lopes and Sarah Wilson dance the night away

Dance lessons for business historians

President-Elect Ed Balleisen lets loose on the dance floor

Jeff Fear on the dance floor

Dancing commences

Will Hausman remembers Ed Perkins

Alastair Su accepts 2019 Kerr Prize

Alexia Yates, 2019 Kerr Prize chair

Valeria Giacomin, recipient of 2019 Wilkins Prize

Paula de la Cruz-Fernandez, chair of the 2019 Wilkins Prize Committee

Natalya D Vinokurova, recipient of 2019 Scranton Prize for best article in Enterprise and Society

Marcelo Bucheli announces the winner of the 2019 Scranton Prize for best article in Enterprise and Society

Ghassan Moazzin, recipient of 2019 Krooss Dissertation Prize

Andrea Colli at the 2019 awards banquet

Program Co-Chair Andrea Lluch receives thanks for her work bringing the BHC to Latin America

Pam Laird thanks Pat Denault for her dedicated service to the BHC

Roger Horowitz receives thanks for his service to the BHC

Mark Rose thanks Roger Horowitz for his many years of service to the BHC

Standing ovation for Franco Amatori's Lifetime Achievement Award

Franco Amatori accepts 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award