Abstracts of Annual Meeting Papers

Annual Meeting Author(s) Title
2022 BHC Meeting neveen abdelrehim, Shakila Yacob The Emergence and Institutionalisation of Islamic Banking and Finance (IBF)
2022 BHC Meeting Blessy Abraham Protection versus Preference: Behind the Scenes of Indian Tariff Board, 1923-1927
2022 BHC Meeting Betul Acikgoz Makey, Dan Palmon, Paul J. Miranti From Rate Regulation to Financial Control: Accounting and Public Policy at the Interstate Commerce Commission, 1887-1933
2022 BHC Meeting Stephen Adams Stanford University and Foundation Funding: Developing an Organizational Capability, 1920-1960
2022 BHC Meeting Stephen Adams Roundtable Presentation
2022 BHC Meeting Smith Adolf Buddha and innovation: Japanese businessmen’s Zen nexus, 1868-1945
2022 BHC Meeting Michael Aldous Remaking the Bengal market in the 1830s - Mercantile Responses to Financial Crisis
2022 BHC Meeting Pablo Alonso-Villa, Pedro Pablo Ortúñez, Jorge Lafuente del Cano Isidro Rodríguez Zarracina, Ingeniero y Emprendedor En La España Del Primer Tercio Del Siglo XX
2022 BHC Meeting Sebastian Alvarez, Gail Triner Banking, Money, and Development: The Banco do Brasil, 1964-1986
2022 BHC Meeting Adoración Álvaro-Moya, Pål Nygaard Management education at engineering schools: Content implications for the engineering practice in Norway and Spain
2022 BHC Meeting Adoracion Alvaro-Moya, Elena San Román, Águeda Gil-López Contextualizing Corporate Entrepreneurship Theory: the Historical Case of the Spanish Engineering Consulting Firm TYPSA (1966-2000)
2022 BHC Meeting Rolv Petter Amdam, Andrea Lluch ILO and the making of managers in Argentina
2022 BHC Meeting Manjunath AN Regional Transformation as Cumulative Effect of Entrepreneurial Agency: The case of Princely Mysore (1881 – 1950)
2022 BHC Meeting Gustav Ängeby Danish-Armenian Trade in the Indian Ocean around the Turn of the Nineteenth Century
2022 BHC Meeting Samuel Backer 'The Combination Panic:' Economic Disruption, Social Hierarchy, and Touring Theater in the Gilded Age
2022 BHC Meeting Bruce Baker, Barbara Hahn Roundtable Presentation
2022 BHC Meeting Gerben Bakker Exploiting Hollywood’s Film Libraries: Technological Disruption and Copyright Portfolios in the Motion Picture Industry, 1948 – 2018
2022 BHC Meeting Grace Ballor, Tom Cinq-Mars Infrastructure and Integration: How Europe’s Two Largest Oil Pipelines Shaped the Cold War Economy
2022 BHC Meeting Tracy Barnett Selling White Supremacy: The Domestic Arms Trade in Antebellum America
2022 BHC Meeting Bernardo Batiz-Lazo, Susana Martinez-Rodriguez Gender and Financialisation of Retail Banking in Spain, 1950-1975
2022 BHC Meeting Bernardo Batiz-Lazo, Miguel A. López-Morell Expanding and integrating Spanish banks networks and systems in Latin America
2022 BHC Meeting Manuel Alejandro Bautista González King Cotton and his Mexican Pesos: The Production and Exports of Mexican Silver Pesos to New Orleans (1821-1861).
2022 BHC Meeting Guillaume Beausire Profiting From Political Instability: Switzerland as a “Neutral” Hub for International Commercial Arbitration in the Age of Decolonization (1967-1987)
2022 BHC Meeting Katherine Benton-Cohen Expansion, Revolution, and War: Phelps-Dodge, the Railroad Industry, and Mexico
2022 BHC Meeting Hartmut Berghoff Varieties of Family Capitalism: Results of a Comparative Project on Germany and the United States