Abstracts of Annual Meeting Papers

Annual Meeting Author(s) Title
2020 BHC Meeting Eric John Abrahamson Reputation, Social Capital, and the Industrialization of Credit: The Experience of One Mid-American City
2020 BHC Meeting Graeme Acheson The London Assurance Company: Investor Behaviour and the South Sea Bubble
2020 BHC Meeting Robin Adams, Christopher Coyle The Wee Divergence: Entrepreneurship and Political Turmoil in Ireland Before 1900
2020 BHC Meeting Bruno Aidar The Sponsors of the Crown: The Shareholders of the Bank of Brazil in the Portuguese Empire, 1808-1821
2020 BHC Meeting Araceli Almaraz Business Families in Mexico: Succession and Business Continuity
2020 BHC Meeting Edoardo Altamura From Zero to Hero: Brazil and the World Bank Before and after the Military Coup of 1964
2020 BHC Meeting Bamidele Aly The Fate of Austro-hungarian and German Businessmen and Firms in Nigeria During WWI
2020 BHC Meeting Rolv Petter Amdam, Gabriel R. G. Benito, Birgitte Grøgaard Interactions Between Academia and Business on Internationalization: Teaching Cases on Multinational Enterprises in US Business Schools, 1955-1964
2020 BHC Meeting Marina Ampudia New Spatialities of Resistance in the World of Work; Case Study of the Graphic Company Chilavert
2020 BHC Meeting Hernando Javier Arbelo Business Strategies in the Field of Education in Development Argentina (1943-1973): Factory-schools, Management and Financing of State Education
2020 BHC Meeting Jennifer Aston New Perspectives: Reframing and Refocusing through Collaboration
2020 BHC Meeting Samuel Backer 'The Sidewalks of New York': Cooperation and Competition in the American Music Industry, 1880-1920
2020 BHC Meeting Erik Baker The New Conservatism: Peter Drucker Discovers Entrepreneurship
2020 BHC Meeting Grace Ballor Setting Standards for the Single European Market: Multinational Corporations and European Standards Organizations, 1957-1992
2020 BHC Meeting Dalit Baranoff The Self-insurance Boom: Employee Health Benefits and the Changing Role of Insurance Companies, 1974 to 2010
2020 BHC Meeting Tim Barker Survival in the Air Age: The Finletter Commission and the Rise of American Corporatism
2020 BHC Meeting Manuel Alejandro Bautista-González King Cotton and His Mexican Dollars: The Political Economy of Mexican Silver Dollars in New Orleans, 1838-1862
2020 BHC Meeting Ted Beatty, Israel García Solares Measuring the Expansion of Anglo-American Mining Engineers into the World, 1874-1929
2020 BHC Meeting Laurent Beduneau-Wang The Evaluation of Public-Private Collaboration in Water Management in the Paris’ Suburb (1923-2017): from Discretion to Publicizing
2020 BHC Meeting Gavin Benke How Imagining “the Future” Blurred the Lines between Business and Government in the 1960s and 1970s
2020 BHC Meeting Hartmut Berghoff Varieties of Family Capitalism: Results of a Comparative Project on Germany and the United States
2020 BHC Meeting jennifer boettcher ZombieList to Track Historic Business Sources: A Collaborative Crowd-sourced Project
2020 BHC Meeting Bram Bouwens, Eric Godelier Cross Border Merger: Guarantee of Failure? The Cases of Renault-Nissan and Air France-KLM
2020 BHC Meeting Elizabeth Brake Roundtable Presentation
2020 BHC Meeting Claire Brennecke Roundtable Presentation