2021 BHC Virtual Meeting

The BHC 2021 annual meeting was a virtual meeting on the Hopin platform.

The Call for Papers is available here, although the deadline for submission of proposals has passed.

The video of Prof Neil Rollings' Presidential Address is available here.

The program committee was chaired by Lucy Newton (University of Reading) and included Victoria Barnes (Max Planck Institute for European Legal History), Paula de la Cruz Fernández (University of Florida), Marina Moskowitz (University of Wisconsin – Madison), Susie Pak (St. John’s University), Dan Wadhwani (University of Southern California and Copenhagen Business School), along with BHC President Neil Rollings (University of Glasgow).

El comité organizador del programa también acepta propuestas para ponencias en español. La convocatoria en español esta disponible aquí.


Photos from this annual meeting

BHC Members: submit your own photos from this meeting

Dr. Dylan Gottlieb presenting 'Yuppies: Young Urban Professions and the Making of Postindustrial New York' (Ph.D. History, Princeton University) during the Krooss Plenary

Dr. Joshua Hollands presenting 'Work and Sexuality in the Sunbelt: Homophobic Workplace Discrimination in the US South and Southwest, 1970 to the Present' (Ph.D. History, University College London) at the Krooss Plenary

Panel on Competition, Cartels, and Monopolies

Dr. Peter Labuza presenting 'When a Handshake Meant Something: Lawyers, Deal-Making, and the Emergence of a New Hollywood' (Ph.D. Cinema and Media Studies, University of Southern California) during the Krooss Plenary

Panel on Individualized Risk, with Caley Horan, Elizabeth Tandy Shermer, Rachel Bunker, Shane Hamilton, Allison Schwartz, and Benjamin Wiggins

Dr. Mary Bridges presenting 'Branching Out: Banking, Credit, and the Globalizing US Economy, 1900s-1930s' (Ph.D. History, Vanderbilt University) at the Krooss Plenary

Dr. Ashton Merck presenting her dissertation 'The Fox Guarding the Henhouse: Coregulation and Consumer Protection in Food Safety, 1946-2002' (Ph.D. History, Duke University) during the Krooss Plenary