2013 BHC Meeting

The BHC program committee for 2013 consisted of Kolleen Guy (chair), University of Texas, San Antonio; Morris Bian, Auburn University; Julia Ott, The New School; Susie Pak, St. John's University;and Kenneth Lipartito (BHC President), Florida International University. Local arrangements were in the care of William Childs and Joseph Arena, both of the Ohio State University.


Photos from this annual meeting

BHC Members: submit your own photos from this meeting

Spoofing the cheerleading competition that shared space with the BHC 2013 meeting, Stephanie Dyer (l) and Katina Manko (r) present the Kerr Prize to Anne Fleming.

Meg Graham looks on as Marcelo Bucheli presents the Gomory Prize to Gerben Bakker.

D. C. Jackson awarding the Hagley Book Prize

Stephanie Amerian accepts the CEBC Halloran Prize from Mark Wilson.

Caitlin Rosenthal accepts the Krooss Prize.

Michael Miller accepts the Hagley Book Prize.

Mansel Blackford accepting the Lifetime Achievement Award

Christina Lubinski and Geoff Jones accept the Oxford Journals Article Prize.