Jan L. Logemann

University of Göttingen, Institute for Social and Economic History

    I study modern American and German history in transnational perspective with a special focus on questions of migration, knowledge transfer, and economic relations.  My current book project looks at the role of European immigrants and emigres in transatlantic transfers in marketing, commercial design, and consumer psychology since the interwar years. Transatlantic comparisons and the development of mass consumer societies in the twentieth century have been a major research emphasis of mine.  I have  published on the history of consumer credit, retailing and urban space, on forms of public consumption and on elite migration.

    At Göttingen, I am program director of the Eramus Mundus Joint Masters Degree "Global Markets, Local Creativities" (GLOCAL) https://www.gla.ac.uk/postgraduate/erasmusmundus/glocal/

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