Abstract: In Search of Identity: Reinterpretations of Polish Business History

Tomasz Olejniczak and Anna Pikos


In therecent years the field of business history has spread thematically and geographically. However not all regions are equally represented in the literature. One of the such underrepresented regions is Central and Eastern Europe.

In this article we focus on Poland as one of the biggest countries in the region. Despite well developed literature on the process of transition and relatively well established discipline of economic history centred around economic history society located in Wrocław publications in the subject of business history remain scarce both in Poland and internationally.

In this article we want to present findings from a research project initiated in 2013. We utilize a recently developed database of Polish companies, which are more than 100 years old. The study focuses on the the issue of maintaining continuity by organizations operating in discontinuous environments. Approaching continuity from a historical perspective can offer a number of interesting insights and raise a number of questions.