Abstract: The Fashion-Creation System in Japan, 1920-1930

Yamauchi Yuki


The purpose of this article is to reveal the Japanese fashion-creation systems for textiles in the 1920s,.paying attention to three main players: department stores, which tried to use Meisen in their bargain sale strategies; a middle-merchant (Inanishi & Co.) within the distribution center,, which both built up an innovative fashion-creation system by using a magazine and a system of textile fairs to convey the strategic changes of department stores, and finally producers who could receive updated fashion information by joining the fashion-creation system. Although previous studies about Japanese fashion-creation have, as far as I know, downplayed the role of middle merchants, i have reviewed the nascency of a unique process for a middle-merchant-centered, fashion-creation system. The aim of Inanishi & Co. was to widely disseminate the ideas and fashion concepts of department stores to producers by first collecting the latest market news and fashion information, such as seasonal colors and designs from department stores; by communicating that information through monthly magazines, and by holding fairs that appointed judging committees made up of department stores' chief buyers, and finally, by publishing articles with physical samples of textile prizewinners in the monthly magazine.