Abstract: Entrepreneurial Dynasties and the Competitive Advantage of Regions: The Case of Catalonia in a Long-Run Perspective

Paloma Fernández Pérez and Nuria Puig


Large family firms are, very often, entrepreneurial dynasties regionally embedded. In our paper we present advanced results of research in progress about large family firms in Catalonia. We place the Catalan dynasties in a theoretical framework that takes into account the social capital of the region as a factor that helped to build the networks through which information, goods, and persons flowed over time. With a long-run approach, the paper adds evidence about the role of dynastic networks in the endowment of entrepreneurship in this territory since the last third of the nineteenth century. The paper also advances a historically grounded typology of dynastic family firms in Spain, aimed to add knowledge to available typologies of family firms, most of them authored by consultants and management scholars.