Abstract: J. B. Blayton: An Overview of His Impact on Atlanta's Black Business Community

Keith Hollingsworth and Cheryl Allen


Jesse Bee Blayton, Sr., was a prominent part of the Atlanta Black business community from the mid-1920s to the mid-1970s. Blayton, in solo ventures and with his partners L. D. Milton and C. R. Yates, was involved with practically every major business of Atlanta during this time period. Among his solo ventures, he was the first African American CPA in Georgia and the first African American owner of a radio station. The purpose of this presentation is to highlight the contributions of Blayton as a 1) Financier and Entrepreneur, 2) Accounting Mentor, and 3) Community Activist as an introductory study of his influence. The authors discuss how Blayton was symbolic of two major factors of Atlanta's Black business culture: the emphasis on self-reliance and the relationship with higher education institutions. By all accounts, Blayton, following in the footsteps of his mentor Heman Perry, used his business activities in a socially responsible manner by being instrumental in helping African Americans gain access to economic opportunities and wealth.