Abstract: The Scientification of the Advertisement Industry in Business History Perspective in China, 1901-1950

Chao He and Kang Zu


From the Opium War in 1840 to the invasion of the Eight Power Allied Force in 1900, social activities of the Chinese people have been provoked to save the nation by the means of "industrial, business and academic wars." A great number of BSBs and MBAs have emerged as a result of the studying in Japan, America, and Europe of Chinese youth for nearly a hundred years. During the First World War, the commerce and industry of China obtained the opportunity to develop, and around the May Fourth Movement in 1919, the appeal of "science and democracy" was proposed and afterward put into practice. This paper is in a business history perspective; first, it takes as examples the information on advertising and window display in three publications, <i>Chinese Business</i> (1914-1916), <i>Science</i> (1915-1951) and <i>Business News</i> (1923-1925), to analyze the cooperation and interaction of Chinese industry and commerce scientists and business circles as well as the theoretical and practical progress they achieved, indicating the leading role of social economy and technology and verifying the scientific achievements of advertising.