Abstract: Their Minds Will Follow: Big Business and California Higher Education, 1954-1960

Stephen B. Adams


Scholars from various disciplines have assessed the relationship between academia and industry, particularly in recent years, when the rise of the knowledge economy coincided with a greater emphasis on the university's role in economic development. This paper is about the role that engineering education played in the turf battle between the University of California and the state colleges that preceded California's Master Plan for Higher Education. It is about external influences on the supply and demand for engineering education in California. Regarding supply: It is about the role that a private university (Stanford University) played in the direction that public higher education would take. Regarding demand: It is about the irony that organizations headquartered elsewhere could help catalyze the reshaping of California's system of higher education. Finally, it is about how the combination of supply and demand forces led to the creation of the engineering program at San Jose State and its subsequent expansion of scope.

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