Abstract: Techno-Managerial Competences in Enrico Mattei's AGIP: A Prolonged Accumulation Process in an International Relationship Network, 1935-1965

Daniele Pozzi


During Enrico Mattei's chairmanship, AGIP achieved important results in the natural gas business by completing a slow process of capabilities assimilation begun in the 1930s through the firm's activities abroad and its relationship with foreign technicians. During Mattei's years, through the ENI group, the company entered a new phase of development in Italy and especially abroad. Mattei paved the way for the evolution of the firm to a multinational dimension while keeping the characteristics (and the limits) that he had established just after the war. It took a younger generation of managers to bring the process to a successful conclusion. They abandoned certain "pioneering" policies and brought the company in line with international models in both technical and managerial skills.

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