Abstract: Assistance and Oppression by the Beiyang Government for the Jiuda Refined Salt Corporation,1914-1927

Juan Li


The Jiuda Refined Salt Corporation had close relations with the Beiyang Government in its start-up and early period. Fan Xudong, the founder of Jiuda Company, was sent abroad by the government to study the manufacture of refined salt, so the starting of Jiuda undeniably fit the government's purpose. The Beiyang government helped Jiuda in getting market access, expanding salt sales areas, and competing with the old salt merchants. However, the government held a strong position, and oppression of the enterprise was inevitable. The tax from all levels of government was a heavy burden. The warlords even kidnapped Fan Xudong for money. In order to do better in this environment, Jiuda built the Refined Salt Group, which combined salt companies into a force to contend with the government.