Doctoral Colloquium 2006, Toronto, Ontario



Adina Popescu Berk, Columbia University
"The Grain Trade during World War I: Wartime Regulation and the Concentration of Agricultural Capital"
William J. Hausman, College of William and Mary
Terri Lonier, New York University
"Alchemy in Eden: Entrepreneurialism, Branding, and Food Marketing in the United States, 1880-1920"
Yumiko Morii, Florida International University
"A Comparative Analysis of Corporate Finance in the United States and Japan from 1880 to 1930"
Brian Murphy, University of Virginia
"Empire State Building: The Formation of States and Parties in New York, 1783-1850"
Sasha Nichols-Geerdes, University of California, Los Angeles
"Ancient Systems of Trade: Organizing Commerce in the Colonial North"
J. Andrew Ross, University of Western Ontario
"Hockey Capital: Commerce, Culture and the National Hockey League, 1917-1967"
Andrew Russell, Johns Hopkins University
"Industrial Legislatures: Consensus Standardization in the Second and Third Industrial Revolutions"
Susan V. Spellman, Carnegie Mellon University
"Cornering the Market: Independent Grocers and Innovation in American Small Business, 1860-1940"
John Tang, University of California-Berkeley
"The Yellow Non-Pareil: Industrialization and the Making of Modern Japan"
Dominique A. Tobbell, University of Pennsylvania
"Pharmaceutical Networks: The Political Economy of Drug Development in the United States, 1945-1980"


W. Bernard Carlson, University of Virginia
Mary O'Sullivan, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
David Sicilia, University of Maryland, College Park
JoAnne Yates, Sloan School, Massachusetts Institute of Technology