Doctoral Colloquium 2010, Athens, Georgia



Kyle Asquith, University of Western Ontario
"'Aren't They Keen?' Early Children's Food Advertising and the Emergence of the Brand-Loyal Child Consumer"
Cory Davis, University of Illinois-Chicago
"A Commercial Republic: The National Board of Trade and the Making of a National Political Economy in the Late Nineteenth-Century U.S."
Kristin Hall, University of Waterloo
"The Establishment of Maclean's Magazine and Notions of Masculine Canadian Nationalism"
Caley Horan , University of Minnesota
"Actuarial Age: Insurance and the Emergence of Neoliberalism in the Postwar United States"
R Scott Huffard Jr, University of Florida
"Perilous Connections: Railroads in the Post-Reconstruction South"
Andrew Meade McGee, University of Virginia
"Mainframing America: Computers, Systems, and the Transformation of U.S. Policy and Society, 1940-1985"
Matthew David Mitchell, University of Pennsylvania
"Joint-Stock Capitalism and the Atlantic Commercial Network: The Royal African Company, 1672-1752"
Caitlin Rosenthal, Harvard University
"From Slavery to Scientific Management: Accounting for Control in Antebellum America"
Carina Spaulding, University of Manchester
"Hair Affair: Media, Culture, and the Black Hair Care Industry"


Per H. Hansen, Copenhagen Business School
Richard R. John, Columbia University
Martha Olney, University of California-Berkeley
Mark H. Rose, Florida Atlantic University

Student Liaison

Laura Phillips Sawyer, University of Virginia