Doctoral Colloquium 2011, St. Louis, Missouri



Fahad Bishara, Duke University
"A Sea of Debt: Law, Empire, and Commercial Society in the Western Indian Ocean, c. 1850-1940"
Elizabeth Brake, Duke University
"Uncle Sam on the Family Farm: Farming Families, Farm Policy, and the Business of Southern Agriculture, 1946-1980"
Rachel Burstein, CUNY Graduate Center
"Labor and the Public: How Organized Labor Represented Itself in Postwar America"
Paula de la Cruz-Fernandez, Florida International University
"Singer in Spain and Mexico: The Culture and Business of Sewing in Historical Perspective, 1870-1950"
Nate Holdren, University of Minnesota
"'The Compensation Law Put Us Out of Work': Workplace Injury Law, Disability, and Capitalism in the Progressive Era United States"
Corinna Ludwig, German Historical Institute
"Bridging the Atlantic Gap: German Business in the United States after the Second World War"
Ellen Mølgaard, Copenhagen Business School
"When Small and Medium Sized Companies Encounter Globalization"
Mark Stickle, Ohio State University
"The Ohio Life Insurance and Trust Company: Eastern Capital and Mortgage Credit in Ohio, 1834-1845"
Philip Thai, Stanford University
"Smuggling, State-Building, and Political Economy in Coastal China, 1927-1949"
Natalya Vinokurova, New York University
"The 2008 Mortgage Crisis as a Failure of Analogical Reasoning"

Student Liaison

Cory Davis, University of Illinois-Chicago


Eric Godelier, École Polytechnique
Pamela Laird, University of Colorado-Denver
Margaret Levenstein, University of Michigan
Christopher McKenna, University of Oxford