Doctoral Colloquium 2012, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania



Marcus Anthony Allen, Morgan State University
"Institutionalizing Black Capitalism: An Examination of the African-American Depositors at the Savings Bank of Baltimore, 1850-1900"
Edoardo Altamura, University of Geneva
"European Banks and the Rise of International Finance after Bretton Woods, 1973-1982"
Joseph Arena, Ohio State University
"Closer to the Edge: New York City and the Triumph of Risk"
Brent Cebul, University of Virginia
"Freedom From: The Rise of the Blue Collar-Business Republican Coalition and the Conservative Deregulatory State, 1968-1994"
Bartow J. Elmore, University of Virginia
"Citizen Coke: An Environmental and Political History of the Coca-Cola Company"
Jonathan Franklin, University of Maryland-College Park
"Economists' Domain: The Emergence of the Professional Economist, 1880-1939"
Natalie Marine-Street, Stanford University
"Ladies Agencies Reconsidered: Female Sales Agents and the Development of the American Consumer Economy"
George Zhijian Qiao, Stanford University
"The Making of a Mercantile Elite: Network, Entrepreneurship and Empire in Early Modern China"
Tara Saunders, Indiana University
"Trash and Treasure: Secondhand Trade and Consumption in the Twentieth-Century United States"
Chloe Taft, Yale University
"From Steel to Slots: Locating Postindustrial Community in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania"


Margaret B.W. Graham, McGill University
Richard R. John, Columbia University
Kenneth Lipartito, Florida International University
Anna Spadavecchia, University of Reading

Student Liaison

Nate Holdren, University of Minnesota