Doctoral Colloquium 2013: Columbus, Ohio



Michael Aldous, London School of Economics
"Avoiding 'Negligency and Confusion'? Re-evaluating the Role of the Partnership in Nineteenth-Century British Trading Firms in India"
Malin Dahlström, University of Gothenburg
"The Limestone and Cement Industry in Sweden: A Study about Concentration, Rationalization and Cooperation in Two Industries, 1890-1975"
Elbra David, University of California-Irvine
"Legal Pluralism and Mercantile Authority in the Integration in the Nineteenth-Century Atlantic"
Austin Dean , Ohio State University
"A Coin for China? Making Money and Modernity in the Late Qing Dynasty, 1870-1912"
Edward Fertik, Yale University
"Industrialization as Globalization: Iron and Steel between Germany, Brazil, and the United States"
Ai Hisano, University of Delaware
"A History of Food Color in the United States, 1880s-1970s"
Sylvea Hollis, University of Iowa
" 'What are you worth?' Race and the Multiple Meanings of Risk in the Jim Crow Era, 1887-1945"
John Lapidus, University of Gothenburg
"Why Such a Permissive Attitude towards Monopolistic Associations? Social Democracy up to the First Swedish Law on Cartels in 1925"
Malcolm Purinton, Northeastern University
"Imperialism in a Bottle: How the Pilsner Lager Became the Imperial Beer"
Ellan Spero, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
"Crafting a 'Technological Education': Academic-Industrial Laboratories and the 'Innovation Society' "

Student Liaison

Joseph Arena, Ohio State University


Mansel G. Blackford, Ohio State University
Jennifer Delton, Skidmore College
Margaret Levenstein, University of Michigan
Andrew Popp, University of Liverpool