Abstract: The Marking of Stuart Chase as a "Red Accountant"—An Epic, 1917–1921

Richard Vangermeersch


After completing in 2005 a book on the accounting aspects of Stuart Chase, the writer explored the Congressional Record for the years from 1917-1921. The writer was puzzled by seeming gaps in Chase's life in these years. The exploration yielded many additions to prior scholarship on Stuart Chase. His work at the Federal Trade Commission and the Federal Food Administration was much more encouraging than previously noted. The profit limitations employed by the Federal Government caused quite a war between liberals and businessmen in that period. The most exciting involvement not covered by past scholarship was that of J. Edgar Hoover of the Bureau of Investigation. Other examples of famous people noted in this study are: Woodrow Wilson; Herbert Hoover; John Reed; Robert H. Montgomery; and Robert LaFollette. The whole story is truly an epic.