Abstract: The Impact of Christianity on Enterprise Spirit during Republican Period of China–A Case Study of Tianjin Dongya

Liqiang Lin, Lei Huang


Enterprise spirit is the cornerstone of corporate culture, and corporate environment is an important factor affecting the spirit of the enterprise. After the introduction of Christianity in China in 1807, a large group of Christian entrepreneurs emerged. Founded in 1932, Tianjin Dongya Worsted Mill Group Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to Dongya Company) was one of the largest and most successful companies in China. Mr. Song Feiqing, the founder of the company, is a devout Christian, therefore the internal and external environment of the Dongya Company was greatly impacted by the Christian spirit. Christianity not only influenced "Dongya Spirit" in terms of the content, but also affected the way how the spirit was shaped and represented, making it a distinctive representation in the modern history of Chinese corporate culture. Based on the case of Tianjin Dongya, this paper aims to probe into the analysis of the influence of Christianity on the spirit of enterprise in the Republican period of China.