Doctoral Colloquium 2005, Minneapolis, Minnesota



Jennifer J. Armiger, University of Delaware
"The Women of Western Electric: Reconsidering Gender Discrimination, Civil Rights, and the Meaning of Equity in Post-1960s America"
Joshua Barkan, University of Minnesota
"A Genealogy of the Corporation: Articulating Sovereign Power and Capitalism"
Nikki Berg Burin, University of Minnesota
"A Regency of Women: Female Plantation Management in the Old South"
Hyungsub Choi, Johns Hopkins University
"Manufacturing Knowledge in Transit: Technical Practices, Organizational Change and the Rise of the Semi-conductor Industry in the U.S. and Japan"
Stephen Crandall, Case Western Reserve University
"The History of Telemarketing in The United States"
Magnus Sveinn Helgason, University of Minnesota
"Forging a Scandinavian Consumer Society: The Consumer Cooperatives and Consumerism in Sweden, 1919-1939"
Daniel Holt, University of Virginia
"Acceptable Risk: Law, Regulation, and the Politics of American Financial Markets, 1878-1930"
Christopher McGahey, Georgia Institute of Technology
"Harnessing Nature's Timekeeper: A History of the Piezoelectric Quartz Crystal Technological Community, 1880-1959"
Benjamin Schwantes, University of Delaware
"Fallible Guardian: The Social Construction of Railroad Telegraphy in 19th-Century America"
Cheng Hua Tzeng, McGill University
"Growing Entrepreneurial Firms in Developing Countries: The Interplay of the State, the Market, and the Social Sector"